Viper is a binary analysis and management framework. Its fundamental objective is to provide a solution to easily organize your collection of malware and exploit samples as well as your collection of scripts you created or found over the time to facilitate your daily research. Think of it as a Metasploit for malware researchers: it provides a terminal interface that you can use to store, search and analyze arbitraty files with and a framework to easily create plugins of any sort.

Viper is written in Python and it requires Python 2.7 to function properly. In this documentation we will use Debian GNU/Linux based distributions, such as Ubuntu, as a reference platform. The following installation instructions should apply similarly to other distributions and possibly to Mac OS X as well, although it has not been properly tested

Viper is released under BSD 3-Clause license and is copyrighted by Claudio Guarnieri. The source code is available on GitHub, where also all development efforts and contributions are coordinated.